Topwrite felt-tip pens 100 pieces Europe

38375 - Topwrite felt-tip pens 100 pieces Europe

Topwrite felt-tip pens 100 pieces Europe

Item number: 38375

Topwrite felt pens 100 pieces
Do you want to encourage creativity?
Many children like to draw. They tell stories with their drawings, convey experiences on paper.
In addition, colors are good for their creative development and fine motor skills.
From infancy onwards, children can pamper themselves with colors. Older children also like to draw.
With this set of 100 felt pens you encourage creativity.
The felt-tip pens are supplied in a case with a handle and snap fastener, where you can keep them and easily take them with you.
The case is transparent so you can already see the color of each pen on the outside.
There are 4 felt pens per color in the case.
The total of 25 colors make drawing for hours a pleasure.
All common colors are included in this writing set:
- Black
- brown
- purple
- pink
- red
- orange
- yellow
- green
- blue
Total: 8 100 pieces
Retail: 23.00 EUR pack
Price take all: 8.70 EUR pack
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Price: 8.70 €

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