500 000 MT x 12 month Soybeans USA or Brazil origin

10996 - 500 000 MT x 12 month Soybeans USA or Brazil origin


500 000 MT x 12 month Soybeans USA or Brazil origin

Item number: 10996


500 000 MT x 12 month Soybeans

Country of Origin: BRAZIL and or USA

Quality: Fit for Human Consumption

Term of agreement: 12 months contract

Quantity: 500 000 MT x 12 month

Price:400$ / Mt


Payment Terms: One month BG or SBLC (as a payment guarantee & MT-103 against shipping documents)

Commission: 0.50$ / MT to the buyers side is open

Product Specification:

- Yellow Soya Beans Grade #2 (2014)

- GMO Bulk Shipment - Standard Export Quality

- Type: Fit for Human Consumption Moisture: 13,5% Maximum - Max Splits: 20%

- Protein: 34.5% min.

- Max Color: 2%

- Oil Content 18,5% basis, 18,0% minimum

- Husks: No Husks

- Test Weight: 54 Pounds/Min/Bushel

- Total Damaged Kernels: 3% Max

- Foreign Matter: 2%

- Max Radiation: Normal Crop 2012/2013/2014/current

- Heat damaged Kernels: 0,50 % maximum

- No Rock, Gravel, Sand, larger pieces of Wood or any particles that are harmful to Human Consumption.



Buyer agrees and accepts FCO within two (2) banking days. Buyer sends an ICPO back to Seller (agreement of the draft LC. Banking name and contacts.)

Seller issues draft of the contract for Buyer acceptance, within Two (2) banking days.

Within Five (5) days, buyer returns the signed and sealed contract by exchanging it via e- mail, the e-mailed copy will be deemed legal until hardcopies are exchanged.

After the contract is signed, the seller's bonding company shall issue a letter affirming they will issue a 2% Performance Bond ( $4,000,000.00) upon receipt of the non-operative payment guarantee (BG/SBLC).

Buyer issues a pre-advise from the bank (verbiage to be provided)

Seller establishes vessel and provides POP in form of warehouse receipt, ProForma invoice. Bank advises POP direct from Inspector vie Bank Confirmation.

Buyers bank issues CONFIRMED (non-operative) SWIFT - Irrevocable;Transferable LC to Seller's bank withinTwo (2) days of exchange of signed softcopy e-mailed executed contract (Draft).

Seller establishes a 2% Performance Bond for one month's value which activates the BG/SBLC.

Buyer issues Operative instrument and Once the Seller's bank has advised and approved the loading of the vessel commences.

Ship will be loaded according to the shipment schedule as per the Contract and 110% Marine Insurance will be provided in favor of the buyer.

If the buyer agrees to proceed with the following have them issue an LOI for the FCO.

For start we need LOI from Buyer company, to :

To the End seller via GLOBAL STOCKS SIA
Kurzemes Pr.26-62, Riga, Latvia, LV1067

Price: 400.00 $

If you are interested in buying this stock offer or you have any questions feel free to contact us.